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Welcoming a new member to Christ's Flock​
On Route 149 -- about 3 miles out of Granville
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Church History
7179 State Rte.149
Granville, NY 12832
 3rd Sunday in Lent
March 19, 2017
- 9:00 a.m. -
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As the early pioneers in South Granville increased and permanent homes were established, plans were formulated to establish the first church there. On December 22, 1789 an Ecclesiastical Council was called and a list of proposed members was submitted to the meeting for consideration. There were nine charter members of the church. A house of worship was erected in 1789 or 1790 when the church was first established.

The original house of worship, was one mile west of South Granville in Hillsdale, at the intersection of Route 149 and Lee Road until it was outgrown and a new larger house of worship was built in its present location in 1806 then a razing and construction of the present building was in 1847. It was placed on the New York State and the National Historical Registry, March 12th 2005.

Our church practices Open Communion. Everyone is invited and encouraged to receive the Sacraments. If you or anyone you know would like to receive the Sacraments at home or in the hospital please contact Pastor Flower.
Please call our church secretary with site Ideas or Criticism at 518-642-9510

Our long-time Pastor is retiring in June of 2017 and currently have two pastoral candidates applying for this position. Below are their interview sermons. 

We will be voting for our new pastor on Sunday March 26th. If you are unable to attend church on this date, contact the head of our pastor search committee at 

Richard Backus - Interview Sermon
Gary Ferris - Pending